The art of weaving

Slow Fashion Handwoven

Weaving is an amazing craft which utilizes beautiful wooden tools: looms, shuttles, frames and more.  These tools are works of art in and of themselves, and even more incredible is the fact that they have been around since the same time our ancestors were developing stone tools- around 10,200 BC.  

Although weaving is a traditional craft, which was developed alongside ceramics, woodworking, stone and metalwork, most people are unfamiliar with a loom or the textile creation process.  

From teepees to yurts, socks to rugs, wedding veils to curtains, and hand towels to yoga blankets, textiles surround us and continue to be a necessity of everyday life just like housing, food, and water.

One of the first objects we come in contact with when we are born is a blanket or gauze that we are wrapped in. Of course not all of these things need to be hand-woven or handmade. There is definitely a great deal of benefit in utilizing industry for the production of some, but that makes the material that is hand-woven all the more beautiful, artful and sustainable.