the creator

A world that combines the traditional art of weaving with the demands and challenges of the modern era.

With love and respect for the environment and all creatures, I choose natural materials to create unique and authentic handwoven textiles.

As I’m a fan of slow fashion and generally of a more sustainable way of life, I create my woven textiles by focusing on quality instead of quantity. So, the result is unique, long-lasting items that I made with attention to detail and the choice of materials.

My creations

My workshop

Weaving is an art that requires a lot of patience.

So, each time someone buys something handwoven, he feels like it is made just for him.


At stimoni, I use manual looms and that means that through a slow process, with care and consistency I weave a unique piece at a time!


I choose raw materials with much care. I only use natural yarns such as cotton, wool, silk and so on. Also, based on the zero waste philosophy, I reuse all the scrap yarns in other projects. By this, I eliminate the amount of yarn thrown away.

In decorative items, all materials are natural, dried plants, pebbles, driftwood, clay, etc. I also use old beehive frames to create decorative art and this is my way of up-cycling objects that are no more in use!

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